Saturday, January 17, 2009

British Buddhism: Teachings, Practice And Development

British Buddhism: Teachings, Practice And Development
This book presents a useful insight into contemporary British Buddhist practice. It provides a survey of the seven largest Buddhist traditions in the United Kingdom, including the Forest Sangha (Theravada) and the Samatha Trust (Theravada), the Serene Reflection Meditation tradition (Soto Zen) and Soka Gakkai (both originally Japanese), the Tibetan Karma Kagyu and New Kadampa traditions and Friends of the Western Buddhist Order. Based on extensive fieldwork, the author determines how and to what extent British Buddhists groups are changing from their Asian roots, and whether any forms of "British Buddhism" are beginning to emerge.
Despite the popularity of Buddhism in Britain, there has so far been no study documenting the full range of teachings and practice. This book fills this gap. It serves as an important reference point for further studies in this increasingly popular field.



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