Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chinese Bamboo Flute Music - Various Artists

Chinese Bamboo Flute Music - Various Artists
Because it sounds great, is easy to learn, light to carry and inexpensive, the Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute) is one of most popular Chinese instruments in Asia.
The Dizi (also called D'Tzu or Zhu Di), is a side blown wind instrument made of Bamboo. The Dizi has a very simple structure: 1 blowhole, 1 membrane hole, 6 finger holes, and two pairs of holes in the end to correct the pitch and hang decorative tassels.

01. A Tayal Folk Song
02. The Flower Of Hsin-Jang
03. Capriccio For Chinese Flute
04. The Funny Genius On The Horseback
05. Go Dating With My Love
06. The Maidens of the Tea Mountain
07. Chatting With An Old Friend By The Window
08. The Song Of The Four Seasons
09. The Crab And The Egret

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  1. good Cd..i enjoy it very much..
    thnaks a lot

  2. good Cd..i enjoy it very much..
    thnaks a lot

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  5. Sorry Olof I dont do any uploading these days. I havent uploaded anything in almost 2 years. All the material you find here is from the fine works of others.

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