Friday, July 31, 2009

Zen 24/7: All Zen, All the Time - Philip T. Sudo

Zen 24/7: All Zen, All the Time - Philip T. Sudo
If you're searching for revelation and contentment, look no further than a handshake, a cup of coffee -- even your laundry pile. The most mundane details of life contain zen's profound truths, if you're of the mind to look for them.

By awakening to and embracing the zen in your life, you'll listen, watch, eat, work, laugh, sleep, and breathe your way to truth -- every moment of every day.

Philip Toshio Sudo has found Zen in the unlikeliest of places and has written about them: Zen Guitar, Zen Sex, and Zen Computer. Now, in Zen 24/7, it's Zen everything. But if it's true that being mindful in every moment is the heart of Zen, then everything is Zen. Taking just this approach, Sudo walks readers through a full day, from alarm clock to bedtime, stopping to ruminate on how the most mundane things, from a beer to a meeting to the dry cleaners, can remind us of bits of Zen wisdom. A Zen flag reminds us that it is the mind that moves; Zen fuzzy dice remind us to flow with traffic; a Zen mall reminds us to reduce desires; Zen sleep reminds us that every day's a good day. As in the best Zen writing, Sudo's observations are breezy but packed with genuine insight. There is a bit of sly humor and lots of encouragement, as if each page were a daily affirmation. This is a book to read through once, then pick up often for reminders, especially the page on Zen shopping, which you'll want to post on your refrigerator.


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