Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do You Do It or Does It Do You?

Do You Do It or Does It Do You?: How to Let the Universe Meditate You - Alan Watts
At the heart of the popularity of such spiritual teachers as Eckhart Tolle and Ken Wilber lies the spirit and intellectual passion of the seminal teacher who inspired them all—Alan Watts. Now, in response to our run-away bestselling audio collection Out of Your Mind, Sounds True is proud to present one of Alan Watts’ most extraordinary learning sessions. Listeners will delight in hearing Alan Watts at his finest as he guides them with humor, deep insight, and startling wisdom into a genuine understanding of how the grand, exuberant Self plays the game of living through us, and vice versa. With rare guided meditations taught by Watts himself, Do You Do It or Does It Do You? is an essential audio seminar with one of the true pioneers of Western spirituality.





  1. Can you please upload this as a torrent please...

  2. Yes the universe does you (and ultimately you are that) but yes, core truth to be had :D


  3. It's really good, this covers most of Alan's Most important points in his easy, vivid and fun style.