Monday, July 12, 2010

The Voice of the Buddha

The Voice of the Buddha: The Dhammapada and other key Buddhist teachings
The "Dhammapada" is the single most important extant Buddhist text. It is the "the voice of the Buddha" where many of his key ideas are presented in a cogent verse form. Also included are other key Buddhist concepts illustrated by original texts.
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A compilation of Buddhist writings is presented in an accessible format. Each section of text is introduced with a short statement by narrator Sean Barrett, followed by the text itself, presented by Kulananda or Anton Lesser--or in the case of dialogues with the Buddha, both of these two narrators. Each narrator reads with reference and respect. The recording is broken into separate tracks on the CD for each introduction and each section of text. A booklet enclosed with the recording provides a key to the tracks. This post-production care enhances the use of the collection as an introduction to Buddhist teachings and/or a meditation tool.



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