Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alan Watts - Still the Mind

Meditation guru Alan Watts was recorded in the 1970s giving talks on emptying the mind of worry, stress, and guilt. With eloquent yet spontaneous, practical language, the author says real living is possible when we attend to the moments between thoughts, the moments we usually fill with clutter. This emotional busyness stems from the illusion that we have important responsibilities--that things will fallapart without our constant attention. By accepting a more humble placein the universe, we become more fully interactive with the energy ofthe universe and become a more effective channel for what it wants us to do. Watts's work is a marvelous and historically significant chapter in the development of American Buddhism and the meditative life.


1 comment:

  1. Alan Watts is amazing.

    Re-listening to this has reminded me that meditation is supposed to be enjoyable.

    It can all get a bit serious sometimes.

    Alan gives it perspective.