Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spontaneous Awakening - Adyashanti

I had this on my MP3 player for my last trip to India and I found it really helpful. Kind of forgot that I still had it. Thanks to qq for the heads up on this link.

These 11 lessons from Adyashanti were recorded live. They include lectures, personal stories, interviews, and guided meditations. While the content of the lectures will be familiar to listeners already versed in Zen or Eastern spirituality, Adyashanti's explanations are quite lucid, even homely, making difficult concepts readily accessible even for those new to them. Sound quality is uniformly high, and the recordings capture much of his warmth and spontaneity. His excitement for spirituality and his eagerness to share with his listeners are apparent. It is especially nice to hear jokes, or to hear Adyashanti fumble a term and then laugh at himself.



  1. Sharing copyrighted material through a torrents site IS a crime. If these recordings are Spontaneous Awakening< you are ripping off Adya. You are not sharing the Dharma at all.

  2. You apparently are a hypocrite. No one is forcing you to download this. If you choose you can purchase this CD from Adya himself, Amazon, Itunes and a thousand other "legal" ways.

    "Sharing copyrighted material through a torrents site IS a crime." Perhaps where you live sharing is a crime. Perhaps you live in a community that dose not foster trust, compassion and openness.
    I live in a country where sharing torrent information is not a Civil or Criminal offense. and therefore I am able to share.
    Also as of yet no one has this file as it stands with 1seed and 70+ leaches.
    Maybe you should listen to "Spontaneous Awakening !