Sunday, December 28, 2008

Imee Ooi - Collection

Imee Ooi - Collection
Imee Ooi is a Malaysian music producer, composer, arranger and vocalist who produces chants Buddhist mantras and dharanis (typically from the Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan or Mandarin language). She is also the musical director and composer of two highly-acclaimed stage musicals, Siddhartha and Above Full Moon.

Prajnaparamita_Hridaya_Sutram (Single ver.)
Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (alt. ver.)
Ratana Sutta - 01. the lection of gem (pali version)
Ratana Sutta - 02. favonian victory lection(pali version)
The Great Compassionate Mantra
The_Chant_of_Metta (eng. ver.)

Format: mp3 ~128 kbps, Size: 251 Mb



  1. Hey,

    I would like to say thanks for this upload of yours. I've been searching for Imee Ooi's Chant of Metta for so long. Many thanks.

    Great site you have here by the way, keep it up. I will definitely drop by here from time to time.

  2. Thank you so much,
    first heard this at Shasta Abbey in Mt Shasta California, and havn't heard it since I moved.
    I'm so glad you found the heart to upload it.
    Thanks for spreading the dharma!