Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tibetan And Bhutanese Instrumental And Folk Music

Tibetan And Bhutanese Instrumental And Folk Music
Recorded by John Levy in 1971 and released by lyricord in the mid '70s this comprises the second part of Levy's whole enterprise: to capture not only the sacred music of the Tibetan ritual in Bhutan, but all aspects of the native folk music as well John Levy was a London enthnomusicologist who took refuge in Tibetan and Bhutan album of ritual and chanting, and features performances on both Tibetan and Bhutanese lutes and fiddles, beautiful folk song and a part of a drama of Tibetan original performed by a troupe of yak and cow herdsmen of eastern Bhutan. The latter is particular compelling the standout performer being Go-Te-Do-Pe, who sings and accompanies himself on the dramnyen ,a Bhutanese lute. His two songs bear an eerie resemblance to the blues of Junior Kimbrough and other Mississippi hill country musicians this is real blues from the top the world.


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