Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Going on Being

Going on Being: Life at the Crossroads of Buddhism and Psychotherapy - Mark Epstein
Before he began training as a psychiatrist, Mark Epstein immersed himself in Buddhism through influential teachers such as Ram Dass, Joseph Goldstein, and Jack Kornfield. Buddhism's positive outlook and the meditative principle of living in the moment profoundly influenced his study and practice of psychotherapy. Going on Being is an intimate chronicle of Epstein's formative years as well as a practical guide to how a Buddhist understanding of psychological problems can help anyone change for the better. Epstein gives readers a deeply personal look into his life, thoughts, fears, and hopes, while detailing the influences that have shaped his worldview. Inspiring in its honesty and humility, Going on Being is a compassionate, brilliant look at how uniting the worlds of psyche and spirit can lead to a new way of seeing reality.



  1. I am sorry, but this is second tome I cannot go to the site that appears to hold the content, am I doing something wrong? can you uplaod it to any other location?

  2. Register an account at first. If you cant then your ISP may be blocking access to that site.

    Secondly I don't personally upload any of the material on this blog, others do, I just find it. Peace. Leaf

  3. Dear Dharma Leaf

    First, the answer was really helpful, indeed I had to tweak my IP a little but now I am a proud member of theoccult gang.

    Second, I never suspected that you do this kind of uploading, I just had the notion that you can ask someone to upload it again some other place,

    Anyway, thank for the great mission you are accomplishing weekly.