Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion

The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion
Want to get more out of your yoga class? Explore the teachings of the Tao Te Ching? Are you looking for the Zen wisdom that makes Phil Jackson such a success? This examination of the ancient beliefs of Asia takes the mystery out of Eastern thought. Targeted for the Westerner, this enlightening audiobook is sophisticated in content, yet easy to follow. It provides a thorough account of the histories and beliefs of Eastern philosophies as well as a “quick take” on the practices of the various religions.The Best Guide to Eastern Philosophy and Religion is the one source for everything anyone would want to know about Eastern traditions. There are complete discussions of the tenets of: • Hinduism • Buddhism • Confucianism • Taoism • Shintoism • Jainism • Zoroastrianism.
Best of all, this Best Guide elaborates on the meaning of the Eastern practices that Westerners find most compelling, such as tantric sex, the martial arts, and feng shui. It also explores the connection between Asian beliefs and Western writers like William Blake and Deepak Chopra, and Western seekers like the Beatles and Richard Gere.Whether a first time explorer of Eastern ideas or a seasoned practitioner, this guide shows the way through the beautiful labyrinth of Asian thought.



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