Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guru Rinpoché

GURU RINPOCHE: His Life and Times by Ngawang Zangpo

To Tibetan Buddhists, Guru Rinpoché is a Buddha. This book recounts Guru Rinpoché's historic visit to Tibet and explains his continuing significance to Buddhists. In doing so, it illustrates how a country whose powerful armies overran the capital of China and installed a puppet emperor came to abandon its aggressive military campaigns: this transformation was due to Guru Rinpoché, who tamed and converted Tibet to Buddhism and thereby changed the course of Asian history.

This book recounts Guru Rinpoché's historical visit to Tibet and explains his continuing significance to Buddhists. Four very different Tibetan accounts of his story are presented:

A Biography of Guru Rinpoché; by Jamgon Kongtrul;

One according to the pre-Buddhist Tibetan religion, Bön:
The Bon Version of the Life of Guru Rinpoché; by Jamyang Kyentse Wongpo;

One based on Indian and early Tibetan historical documents:
The Indian Version of the Life of Guru Rinpoché; by Taranata;

One by Dorjé Tso.

In addition, there are supplications by Guru Rinpoché and visualizations to accompany them by Jamgon Kongtrul.

"The presence of Guru Rinpoché, a figure so important to Tibetan Buddhists he is called simply 'The Precious Master', can be felt still in each of these liberating stories translated here. Read side-by-side, they reveal an even wider picture, deftly highlighted by Ngawang Zangpo's introduction, of how history and culture interact with the inner spirituality that is beyond time and place."--Sarah Harding, author of Creation and Completion

"With a thought-provoking introduction and stimulating cultural, religious, and literary insights, Ngawang Zangpo offers welcome translations of four biographies of Guru Rinpochéand a set of famous supplications. This new work will certainly be enjoyed by everyone interested in the vast spiritual legacy of the 'Second Buddha' in Tibet."--Cyrus Stearns, author

"To experienced practitioners, the Tsadra Foundation Series is more precious than gold dust."--Tricycle Magazine

"Overall, the book provides an authentic account of Padmasambhava's life from the Tibetan devotional perspective"--Religious Studies Review


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