Sunday, September 12, 2010

Shinran-sama: Negai, Soshite Hikari (His Wish and Light)

"I recommend SHINRAN-SAMA, his Wish and Light” to be seen by as many people as possible, both Jodo Shinshu followers or not, because it is a 100% correct description of Shinran’s life and his teachings. Both mature persons and children can enjoy it and derive great understanding from it. As you may know, animations in Japan are not only for children, but also for mature people.
This movie is a wonderful presentation of the most important aspects of Jodo Shinshu Buddhism. Passages from Tannisho or from the letters of Shinran (Mattosho) are put into dialogue form so that we can better savour them. Events from Shinran’s life are also accurately presented so that newcomers can thus have a picture of who was Shinran Shonin (1173-1262), the Founder of Jodo Shinshu school.
In short, this a great Dharma movie that I reccomend it from all my heart. I think that all libraries of Jodo Shinshu temples and dojos around the world must have it and use it for instruction of the members." Josho Adrian Cirlea (Priest in Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition)


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  1. I dont know how to get his to download, can someone explain the procedure please.

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  3. I added the source blog and the torrent link where you can download it directly.