Friday, February 15, 2008

The Yatra Trilogy

The Yatra Trilogy
is the Sanskrit word for pilgrimage or spiritual journey. These visually stunning documentaries are cinematic pilgrimages to legendary places in Southeast Asia and Tibet, including the spiritual wonders of Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Cambodia, Java, and Central Tibet. Journey into the living traditions and lost civilizations of this vibrant part of the world and explore the universal ideals of wisdom, compassion, and inner peace at the very heart of these ancient Buddhist cultures.

Journey Into Buddhism: Yatra Trilogy. This is a 3-DVD series: Dharma River, Prajna Earth, and Vajra Sky. These feature beautiful photography of Cambodia, Tibet, Laos, Thailand, Burma, Bali, Java.

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  1. As the filmmaker of this series I am happy to see it appreciated. However as an artist I am disappointed to see it offered for free download. I spent 5 years and a good bit of my personal finances to create this work.If people do not purchase this work I will not be able make new films. Please understand and order the dvds from my site at:
    journey into
    Yours in Dharma,
    John Bush

  2. Thank you for your comment John. I was not personally responsible for creating the torrent, in fact all of the Torrents I mention on my blog are the works of others. Quite frankly If I were to try and purchase all the DVDs, CDs and books motioned on my blog it would amount to thousands of dollars. I'm not advocating theft or copyright infringement however, I feel that capitalism is contrary to the Dharma, especially when it comes to sharing the truth. I actually haven't watched your series yet but I am sure its a fine work. Also I encourage all people to make donations in lue of purchasing this DVD as well as any other material I have listed in my blog. Such as
    I,ve spent several years traveling in India & Nepal, working with NGO's and I can tell you first hand that none of those nations benefit from the worlds system of capitalism, only a few elite at the top. I too have have to make an income, so I feel for you. But I feel things need to change and that the Internet can be a tool for change just as your films make change. Also recent studies analyzing p2p downloads actually have shown very little effect on the sales of Music & Movies. But, I will include your link for the sale of your DVD to your site.