Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Deva Premal (collection)

Deva Premal (collection)
Deva has toured since 1991, along with her life partner, Miten, offering concerts and chant workshops worldwide. Their record company, Prabhu Music, reports sales of over 600,000 albums.

Best-known for her top-selling chant CDs, Deva Premal is a classically trained musician and gifted singer. She grew up singing mantras in a German home permeated with Eastern spirituality. Her albums, The Essence, Love Is Space, Embrace and Dakshina have topped the New Age charts and popularity polls in yoga studios and healing centers throughout the world. Her latest album, The Moola Mantra, features a 50 minute extended presentation of a mantra received while on a meditation retreat with Miten at the Oneness University in Chennai, India. She is also featured on Miten's newest release, Soul In Wonder.


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