Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The music of Tibet & Nepal

The music of Tibet & Nepal
The World of Music is a twenty five album collection that takes us on a musical journey to the four corners of the globe. Featuring indigenous music and musicians, our journey takes us through the American continent, across Europe and the steppes of Russia, the rich and varied musical styles of the African heartland and the mysteries of the Orient. In between we are treated to the delights of India, the steel bands of the Caribbean and the flowing Latin influence of Cuba. This is one of the most compelling series ever undertaken.

All tracks are in FLAC format.
1. Jahm Jham Pareli (Binodkumar Rai & Nepali Group)
2. Temple Of The Clouds (Inishkea)
3. Sunana Sunana Saili (Binodkumar Rai & Nepali Group)
4. Essence Of Light (Inishkea)
5. Naini Tal (Binodkumar Rai & Nepali Group)
6. Khatmandu (Inishkea)
7. Asiadrum - Roof Of The World II (Inishkea)
8. Shangri-La (Inishkea)
9. Sera Tse (Inishkea)

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