Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Life of Shakyamuni Buddha, The Smaller Amida Sutra, The Larger Amida Sutra

Thanks to josho_adrian for this link. It has hard English subs and Chinese spoken.
Life of Shakyamuni Buddha as explained in Jodo Shinshu Buddhist tradition.

Also on youtube:


  1. Thank you, for showing this torrent I did about Life of Shakyamuni, and two important sutras in my tradition.
    I just ask people who download it, to continue to seed.
    I myself am still seeding some of the movies I downloaded from Buddha torrents, like Arukinhero, sacred sites of the dalai lamas, wheel of time, but as far I see, we are still very few seeders in comparison with how many people upload those movies. I ask you people, if you please, try to seed many weeks or even months, those movies you like best, so that more people can benefit from them.

  2. I had a harddrive crash and no longer seed a great number of the items listed. ;(