Sunday, August 31, 2008

Eight Lamas From Drepung Tibetan Sacred Temple Music

My thanks to Kalojan for pointing this out.

Eight Lamas From Drepung Tibetan Sacred Temple Music
Tibetan chordal/microtonal singing is an incredibly cosmic event one has to experience because it goes beyond mere description and ratings. The musical tones generated from deep within these maestros is mystical and quite healing on a cellular level, which is just one of the reasons creative and healing persons have been utilizing tibetan sounds for some time now. the sounds on this disc go directly to one's energy centers and penetrate the molecular core of one's etheric vehicle. there have been reports of astral travel using these sound meditations and the "vocals" intoned here are as powerful and transcendent as any i've heard in my large collection of tibetan music. highly recommended for healing, transcendence, acceptance and a deep experience of inner joy and peace.

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