Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meditating With the Body: Six Tibetan Buddhist Meditations - Reginald Ray

Meditating With the Body: Six Tibetan Buddhist Meditations for Touching Enlightenment With the Body
In Tibetan spiritual life, body-based meditation is considered vital to our spiritual and physical well-being. In today’s world, overabundant with stimuli and stress, Reggie Ray teaches, body-based meditation provides a powerful way for us to "digest" the events and experiences of our day. It allows us to open our awareness and deepen our sense of being so that our minds become clearer, our emotions more flowing, and our lives more grounded. On Meditating with the Body, listeners will learn to master a series of six Tibetan-based meditations to settle and calm the mind, channel vitalizing energy throughout the body, connect with the living, healing quality of the earth, and uncover the body’s untapped powers of perception, intuition, and wisdom.

Reginald Ray is the author of Indestructible Truth and Secret of the Vajra World. He is an acharya (senior teacher) in residence at the Shambhala Mountain Center and professor of Buddhist studies at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.



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