Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Path to Tranquility: Daily Meditations - The Dalai Lama

The Path to Tranquility: Daily Meditations - The Dalai Lama
Wouldn't it be nice to have a handy collection of highlights from the Dalai Lama's writings and teachings? Renuka Singh, a student and friend of the Dalai Lama, brings together a sampling of his words for each day of the year in The Path to Tranquility. In her selections you can sense the intimate encouragement of the student-teacher relationship. The Dalai Lama's words are not distant platitudes or profound proclamations but rather small insights and patient exhortations to keep trying. "We can deny everything except that we have the possibility of being better." "As a spiritual trainee, you must be prepared to endure the hardships of being involved in a genuine spiritual pursuit." "Nothing is more important than guarding the mind." These thoughts are germane to practical cultivation, and pondering a daily passage is a great way to keep the mind coming back to its center. Take a page from the Dalai Lama, and set yourself on the path to tranquility.
Global volatility, spiritual hollowness, and environmental negligence prompted His Holiness, The Dalai Lama to share his philosophies and wisdom to help individuals find peace. Narration is distributed among three marvelous readers, who provide presentation diversity and encourage listening awareness. Laurie Anderson has a clear and inviting voice, tempered with hypnotic reverence. Robert Thurman, himself a Buddhist monk, convincingly adds authenticity to these penetrating teachings. Finally, B.D. Wong furnishes dramatic homage to His Holiness by way of a mesmerizing and stirring interpretation. This book is a gift to the human race from an unselfish and enlightened humanitarian

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  1. Love and greatly appreciate the blog. It often strikes me as a bit odd that not more of this material is made open access for everyone.

    The only bummer is that many things are on demonoid which no longer allows members... But, otherwise - you perform a great service!!