Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Choying Drolma - Cho

Choying Drolma and the Nagi Nunnery Foundation sing songs and invocations of the Cho ("cutting") teachings based on the Prajnaparamita practices established by siddha Padampa Sangye and Machik Labdron. The delicate filigree of chants and supplications is beautifully and sparsely adorned by Tibbetts's treated guitars, percussion, and effects to create an otherworldly experience so alluring in its fragility it is easy to forget the strength of purpose behind these messages of generosity, loving kindness, and compassion through release of the ego. Far beyond the often superficial "new age," Cho is so rich in contemplation and spirituality that even a cursory listen can hardly fail to evoke a beneficial response, and this glorious tapestry of sound alone is enough homage to its 1,100-year legacy.


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