Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dalai Lama - Advice on Dying

Dalai Lama - Advice on Dying
In this empowering and positive book the Dalai Lama presents teachings on preparing for our inevitable death which can greatly benefit our perspective on living.

This book is based on the First Panchen Lama`s poem that many Tibetans use to focus their daily reflections on dying which are incorporated into their spiritual practices - Wishes for Release from the Perilous Straits of the Intermediate State, Hero Releasing from Fright. The Dalai Lama gives an illuminating commentary on this work, enabling us to have a better understanding of the whole death process. The poem describes three levels of spiritual practice - for the most highly trained, the middling, and the least, and what to do at each stage.

"When death actually comes, if you are not used to this practice, it will be very difficult to succeed at any beneficial reflection. Therefore, now is the time to practice and prepare, while you are still happy and the circumstances of your life are in accord. Then, at the time of real need and pressure, there will be no worry. Therefore, it is necessary to become intimate with the practices related to dying. There is no substitute. There is no pill..." The Dalai Lama.




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