Thursday, April 2, 2009

Buddhism and Deep Ecology

Buddhism and Deep Ecology
This volume involves Buddhism and Deep Ecology (the latter can be considered the spiritual dimensions of the environmental movement) on a holistic, consciousness, and value basis. It presents some basic ideas, experiences, and examples on how Buddhism and Deep Ecology relate to each other and to protecting natural forests and the environment, including public participation aspects. Much of these interrelationships are based on the essential teachings of Buddha as they relate to Deep Ecology and visa versa, especially Oneness, ecocentric, and spiritual orientations. Combined and integrated, these two areas present a unique, spiritual bridge of understanding, cross fertilization, and consciousness for ideas, values, and approaches which encompass compassion, loving-kindness, and care for all living beings for a wide spectrum of readers, both Buddhist and non-Buddhists with interests in ecological and environmental affairs.



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