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The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness - Jeff Warren

The Head Trip: Adventures on the Wheel of Consciousness - Jeff Warren

Warren, a Canadian science journalist, combines the rigorous self-experimentation of Steven Johnson's Mind Wide Open with the wacky self-experimentation of A.J. Jacobs's The Know-It-All in this entertaining field guide to the varying levels of mental awareness. Beginning with the mild hallucinogenic state that comes just before true sleep, he tries to hone his skills at lucid dreaming, subjects himself to hypnosis and joins a Buddhist meditation retreat, among other
adventures. Along the way, he begins to realize that dreaming and waking are equivalent states, and that we can learn how to induce the subtle gradations of consciousness within ourselves. This could come off as New Age psychobabble, but Warren is well versed in the scientific literature, and he provides detailed accounts of his own research. (During one three-week period, for example, he goes to bed at sundown to recreate a period of wakefulness before returning to sleep that used to be common before electric light reconfigured our sleep schedules.) His self-mocking attitude toward his inability to achieve instant nirvana, along with a steady stream of cartoon illustrations, ensures that his ideas remain accessible. More important than the theories, though, may be the basic tools—and the visionary spirit—that Warren hands off to those interested in hacking their own minds.

From the full-immersion virtual realities of lucid dreaming to the esoteric disciplines of Eastern meditative practices that have reached outposts of consciousness far beyond the grasp of Western science, from techniques of hypnosis and neurofeedback to such exotic states of awareness as the Watch and the Pure Conscious Event, Warren takes us on an incredible journey through our own heads–a journey conducted with the adventurous spirit and intellectual curiosity of a
Darwin coupled with the sensibility of a stand-up comedian.

About the Author
Jeff Warren is a freelance producer for CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio.

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Not exactly on the topic of Buddhism per se but it is about one person's journey to learn about consciousness.

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  1. Very entertaining! I´ve now listened through 3 chapters and find it all very interesting. It´s pretty light and Warren does not go too deep in the subjects, but cites the heavy names in the field so you can easily find all the info you want elsewhere.

    I recommend this to everyone who´s interested in the various functions and states of the Mind, but does not want risking getting confused and overwhelmed by the info.