Thursday, August 27, 2009

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation - Jon Kabat-Zinn
Guided Mindfulness Meditation is about learning to experience life fully as it unfolds—moment by moment. One popular misconception about meditation is that it is a way to make your mind blank so you can escape from what you are feeling. However, author Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn wants you to understand that meditation is an invitation to wake up, experience the fullness of your life, and transform your relationship with your problems, your fears, and any pain and stress in your life so that they don’t wind up controlling you and eroding the quality of your life and your creativity. It is not about running away, or manipulating mental states.

Through the practice of mindfulness, you can learn to develop greater calmness, clarity and insight in facing and embracing all your life experiences, even life’s trials, and turning them into occasions for learning, growing and deepening your own strength and wisdom.

This is a new tracker, or new to me, registration is still open, they have a lot of great stuff.


  1. just found the site, thank you for your work.

  2. hiya, I got a 404 (not found) twice. Could you check the link? thx for all the great stuff.

  3. You do need to register an account first at

    If you still get 404 error your ISP may be blocking access to the site.

  4. hi, it would be really helpful if anyone of you can send me invite to for -- at present this site is opening signup only on invite basis