Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nada Yoga - Russill Paul

Nada Yoga - Russill Paul
Performing on an instrument of his own design, a 10-string "unitar," one-time South Indian monk Russill Paul earnestly addresses the "sonic theology" of nada yoga in this 63-minute, three-stage collection of ragas--a work that's designed to invoke the healing power of sound. Paul sometimes adorns his deliberate, otherworldly passages with synthesizer and deep-voiced chants (along with flute and tabla, on occasion), but the unitar and its mystical tonal qualities serve as this disc's centerpiece. Serious-minded and intended for more advanced yoga practitioners, Nada Yoga is a journey to a musical world that has almost no associations with contemporary musical customs of the West. The package includes a detailed booklet in which Paul describes the music's history, his modern-day perspective on it, and suggested meditations (including recommended times of day) for use in pursuit of a more focused listening experience.


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