Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vipassana Meditation 10 Day Course video

Vipassana Meditation 10 Day Course video
This is the Vipassana Meditation 10 Day Course video series given by S.N. Goenka.

This is the same series previously uploaded, reducing the 700 MB files to 230 - 270 MB each and reducing the size of the full series from 7.51 GB to 2.68 GB . The files have cleaner beginnings and endings and the distortion from the lower edge has been cropped.

The video quality is lower, but considering the file size, I think it is quite good, and hey, let's be honest, there is not much to look at in this series. You won't miss anything if you opt for the audio version, but some people like to have a visual to focus on while they listen, so this can serve in that capacity.

The final video, Day 11, has a 24 minute session of chanting, followed by the discourse, followed by another session of chanting. These parts have been split up into separate files so that those who are interested in only the discourse can locate it quickly and easily.

Also included is the PDF file of the Discourse Summaries for those who are new to Vipassana.

10 Day Course 2.68 GB version

10 Day Course 7.51 GB version

10 Day Discourse - Audio MP3


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