Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Inner Art of Meditation - Jack Kornfield

This excellent production opens a door to the Buddhist path of vipassana, or insight meditation, as it is called in the Western world. Jack Kornfield's known to be a deep and gentle teacher and an honest man. These personal qualities, as well as his humor and accepting attitude, are all present to the listener in this recording, which was made during a five-week meditation class. After an introductory talk, Kornfield teaches the meditation techniques. There are long periods of silence as members of the class try the techniques. These are very interesting and inviting silences; the listener is aware of Kornfield's directing presence throughout and is moved to join the class in practice. The question-and-answer periods at the end of each session also draw the listener into the class. Listeners will want to hear this fine production again and again.

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