Sunday, June 22, 2008

Yoga for Strength - Rodney Yee

Yoga for Strength
In the first 10 minutes of this 75-minute video, expert yoga teacher Rodney Yee performs a truly stunning flow series that will motivate you and leave your muscles itching to work. The lesson begins with variations of sun salutations and poses such as the dog pose, triangle pose, and others. In the second, more intense sequence, Yee leads the bridge, shoulder stand, warrior, and balancing poses, his narration soothing and his technique inspiring. Very difficult poses, such as the crane pose and pendulum pose, comprise the end of the set. This session is not recommended for those new to yoga because it is quite strenuous; students should first be familiar with the vinyasas to ensure that the poses are reached and held correctly. Yoga Journal's Yoga Practice for Strength is an exceptional workout that will build stamina, power, and confidence

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  1. yoga can certainly help in achieving strength and vitality for your organs