Friday, June 13, 2008

Krishnamurti - A Different Kind of Intelligence

A Different Kind of Intelligence" set of 6 single DVDs

Heres a fine set of Krishnamurti DVD talks.

A Different Kind Of Intelligence: What Can We Do in this World?

If we are not committed to any ideology what is our natural response to all the horror going on? As human beings living in this world with our families, our children what is our action, our responsibility? What are we? Why do we behave like this? Is there anything ultimate, any existence without cause? Will that enquiry tell me what I am to do?

The analyser is the result of his past memories, experiences, knowledge but is the analyser separate from the analysed? Am I different from my envy?

DVD English 75 minutes First DVD Edition Produced by KFT



  1. I had problems with this link. If you do too try going through Spirit Tracker.


  2. dead link... thanks anyway

  3. The only place to find it is on Spirit Tracker, I dont have any invites for there sorry.