Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Adyashanti - Book pack

Adyashanti - Book pack
1.) Adyashanti - Emptiness Dancing
2.) Adyashanti - The Impact of Awakening
3.) Adyashanti - What is it like to Live an Awakened Life
4.) Adyashanti - Satsang Transcript - When I Awoke - 7 March 1999
5.) Adyashanti's teachings by
6.) Adyashanti - Actually One Being

Adyashanti - Emptiness Dancing
Discovering our true nature could be called the discovery of emptiness--of the vast stillness and loving silence that lies beyond and within all that exists. Our lives are the dance of this emptiness as it flowers into form. "Emptiness Dancing" offers dynamic teachings that come directly from this emptiness and draw the open heart into profound realization. Adyashanti reveals valuable insights and explores important themes relevant to those seeking and deepening into the Truth. He shares an enlightened perspective on the seeker's struggle, the joys and challenges of spiritual awakening, the symptoms of spiritual addiction, the essence of sacred relationship, the true meaning of enlightenment, the simple secret to being happy.



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