Monday, October 27, 2008

Meditate and Destroy - Noah Levine

Meditate and Destroy - Noah Levine
A feature-length documentary that provides an intimate portrait of Dharma Punx author, Noah Levine, who uses his personal experience and punk rock sensibilities to connect with a younger generation of spiritual seekers within juvenile halls and urban centers around the country.

This film provides an up-close look at how the driving forces in Noah's life changed from violence, addiction and rebellion to taking on the role of dedicated meditation teacher and community leader; an individual whose candor inspires others to integrate Buddhist teachings of nonviolence and inner peace with a Western lifestyle.

Similar to punk culture’s non-conformist attitude, Buddhism has long been seen as a tradition that goes "against the stream". Therefore, the film's visual aesthetic reflects this similarity. The film employs motion graphics reflecting the punk aesthetic that are complemented by an experimental movement through the various scenes exploring Noah Levine’s past and present life.



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