Thursday, October 9, 2008

Buddhist Faith in America

* Series: Faith in America
* Author: Michael Burgan
* Publisher: Facts on File (2003)
* Language: English
* Pages: 115
* ISBN-10: 0816049882
* ISBN-13: 9780816049882
* Format: PDF

In America today, for the first time in world history, every major form of Buddhism is practiced in one nation. Buddhist Faith in America describes how this ancient faith has been as deeply affected by America as America has been affected by it.

Buddhism is one of the world’s oldest and most widely-practiced faiths, but in America it has a relatively short history. However, in the short time it has flourished here, the faith has influenced Americans from all walks of life—from celebrities and sports stars to ordinary people, and many Americans have embraced the philosophy behind Buddhism. This book explores how Asian immigrants have brought Buddhism to America and enjoyed the freedom to practice their beliefs without constraints. It describes the basic tenets of the three major schools of Buddhism; the relationship between various Buddhist immigrant communities and American Buddhists; the emergence of the socially engaged Buddhist; and Buddhism's influence on American culture and society.

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