Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mahamudra Teachings of the Supreme Siddhas

Reveals powerful mahamudra practices for realizing the mind's fundamental nature. The advice and instructions on the ground, path, fruition, view, meditation and action of mahamudra are both complete and beautiful.

"All students of the Kagyu traditions are familiar with Karmapa III Rangjung Dorje's beautiful prayer, known as the Aspiration of Mahamudra, recited daily in countless Tibetan temples, retreats and homes. Lama Sherab Dorje offers an accurate and highly readable translation of this masterwork that is to be read with profit both by those who wish to learn something about the system of Mahamudra and by those practicing within the tradition--it deserves to be studied until the intentions of the author have become fully integrated with one's own meditations."



  1. can anybody pass on a demonoid invite...dying to read this masterpiece on Thx from India

  2. Its on Uploading for downloading. ;)

  3. did someone maybe have a book about the :
    Six Yogas of Naropa (niguma)(tilopa)
    or on
    Clear Light(which is part of....)
    Tummo(which is part of....)

    or maybe can someone tell me a book ""online"" where the "six yogas" are explained???