Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adyashanti - Being Alone

Adyashanti - Being Alone
Are you ready to lose your world? Because true awakening will not fit into the world as you imagine it or the self you imagine yourself to be. Reality is not something that you integrate into your personal view of things. Reality is life without your distorting stories, ideas, and beliefs. It is perfect unity free of all reference points, with nowhere to stand and nothing to grab hold of. It has never been spoken, never been written, never been imagined. It is not hidden, but in plain view. Cease to cherish opinions and it stands before your very eyes.




  1. Good ole Adyashanti, the one man in the world who knows what "reality" is (from his own egoic perspective, of course) and wants the rest of us to know it.
    "Those who know don't say, those who say don't know", comes to mind every time he pops up with another video or CD set to flog.
    There are some extraordinary teachers alive and others dead (I'm thing of Ramana Maharshi) that one would be far better of learning from than this spiritual fop.
    I'm glad people are getting his stuff through torrents, rather than lining his pockets with his amateurish scare mongering.
    Every spiritual tradition has called us to look into our own hearts for guidance - from the Bhagavad Gita to Buddha, Christ and the Koran etc (and long before, check out some of Joseph Campbell's Docs I put up on google video). Ignore this foolishness.

  2. You must have listened to a lot of his teachings to have such a jaded opinion of him? I feel simular about Krishamurti, but I dont write of Adya so quickly. Every Guru is only as useful as our egos allow. There like fires. Stand too close you get burnt, too far away and you wont get enough warmth. Just my 2 cents

  3. "The end of your world" and this one. I don't consider him a guru in the sense of him being a teacher (which is what the term means). He's an individual who, no doubt, has his fans. His "I have the Insight, and you probably won't be able to handle it' is just a schtick. I think I'll stick to the Guru's, the teachers of the Heart, who have given us the same message - You and God are one, the Heart is the guide and there is nothing to fear in your path to that realization.

    "He from whom all things created arise and who has pervaded this whole - by the worship of Him through the performance of his own duty does a man attain perfection." The Bhagavad Gita.

  4. Malcolm, if you could make a judgment about him like that, you don't get it anyways...

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  6. Get What? Have you taken a vow of silence? Can you at least explain Daniel and anon what I am not getting? The Buddha said he did not teach with a closed fist, try and explain your point so we might all learn something.

  7. Sorry, I meant Ronald and Anon. My apologies to both gentlemen.

    The Buddha taught Right Understanding. Testing the claims of others against our own experience. I did this with Adyashanti and came to my own conclusions. He is not infallible - beyond doubt, scrutiny, judgement or criticism. I would love to hear your point of view Ronald.

  8. True i fill the same, you can try mininova
    to see what i am saying.

  9. I truly agree with Malcolms words: "Those who know don't say, those who say don't know"
    Personally I think that Adya did experience some moments of insight. But hey, so do many of us. WE ALL experience such moments. The curtain opens up a bit, and for a split second, sometime somewhat longer, we KNOW ALL, and ARE ALL. And then the bubble bursts and we're back into our dream "reality". My idea is that Adya thinks his moments of insight are the whole thAng... He blows it into an egoic bubble he calls enlightened. This should maybe be called pseudo enlightenment. I wonder why so many of the (caucasian) westerner meditation teachers profile themselves as enlightened masters with their meditation centers and all. It's just bizniz as usual. spirituality IZ big bizniz nowadays. I'd highly reccommend going to a free (yeah totally) 10 day silence Vipassana meditation retreat by S.N. Goenka. www.dhamma.org and do the work, and realize we don't need a guru/master. We are our own gurus. And THAT is something we all seem to forget these days. Just my thoughts about Adya and some of the pseudo enlightened western masters.