Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lost Civilizations: Tibet - The End of Time

Thanks to lightbearer for this documentary. Its on a new torrent site called China Documentaries and requires registration as its going private but for now is still open so hurry.

Lost Civilizations: Tibet - The End of Time

Isolated within the towering sanctuary of the Himalayas, Tibet developed a culture unique in the history of world civilization. Steeped in the mystical ideals of Buddhism, the Tibetans centered their lives on selfless altruism and the perception of the world as an endlessly repeating cycle of life, death and rebirth. Now, journey to the roof of the world as this real-life Shangri-la collides head-on with the ruthless realities of the modern age. And encounter a civilization that today is not yet lost, but balanced on the verge of collapse, facing what may literally be "The End of Time."

Traversing the highest mountain passes on Earth, enter a kingdom so remote it was virtually unknown to outsiders until recent times. Experience an enigmatic way of life that challenges the very concept of western civilization. Discover how, as the world's last surviving theocracy, Tibetans voluntarily abandoned their warlike past to worship their ruler, the Dalai Lama, as the living manifestation of god on Earth. And witness the outside world's impact on a people totally devoted to the quest for peaceful coexistence, inner knowledge and the ultimate spiritual bliss of nirvana. Above all, see how the great arc of civilization's rise and fall is more than an artifact of history's distant past, but a living process that continues today in this ethereal, otherworldly mountain domain.


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