Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky - Koku Reibo

A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky - Koku Reibo
Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky - of the Kinko school, is one of the three oldest pieces, known as the koden-sankyoku, of the fuke shakuhachi tradition. Respected as sacred pieces, these are the most difficult to play in the repertoire, since they are so profound in religious expression. Koku-Reibo is said to have been originally composed by a Zen priest named Kyochiku when he attained enlightenment in a dream; in the Fuke shakuhachi, it is called simply Koku, The Empty Sky, portraying a happy, peaceful feeling of awakening. Kinko Kurosawa heard this music in one of the temples at Nagasaki in Kyushu. He was very much moved by its depth and clarity, and arranged it into a musical piece which is to this day the most played piece of all the repertoire of shakuhachi music. Note: This is in FLAC format not MP3.


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