Thursday, November 13, 2008

Buddha Dharma: A Collection of Buddhist Mahayana Sutras

Buddha Dharma: A Collection of Buddhist Mahayana Sutras
This is a massive collection of Sutras in PDF format, kudos to uploader.
- The Amitabha Sutra
- The Arya Sanghata Sutra
- The Avatamsaka Sutra
- The Brahma Net Sutra
- The Buddha Speaks the Mahayana Sublime Treasure King Sutra
- The Buddha Speaks the Sutra About Karma
- The Demonstration of the Inconceivable State of Buddhahood Sutra
- The Dharani Sutra of Hundred Thousand Seals
- The Dharani Sutra Of The Buddha On Longevity, The Extinction Of Offences And The Protection Of Young Children
- The Diamond Cutter Sutra
- The Filial Piety Sutra
- The Gangottara Sutra
- The Golden Light Sutra

Any many more..



  1. It's not possible to download through
    Demonoid since the server is too much saturated. Can you upload these sutras to another server like rapidshare etc.

  2. Fantastic thanks!
    If anyone can't get this because they don't have a demonoid account Email me and I'll send it to you. I only check my Email once a month.

  3. I posted the set on rapidshare.
    Here's the link: