Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Born Again Buddhists - Discovery Channel

Born Again Buddhists - Discovery Channel

Believing that highly-evolved lamas choose to be reborn to lead the rest of us to nirvana, children born at auspicious times are carefully watched for signs of being a reincarnate and are usually identified at a young age by their past-life recall. These people are called tulkus/ reincarnated lamas - the most famous being the Dalai Lama. In the last remaining Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, reincarnation is a very much a way of life. But things have taken a curious turn in recent years. It seems more and more children are claiming to be reincarnates - a situation so worrying, the Bhutanese government has stepped in to oversee the ancient process of identifying reincarnates. Born Again Buddhists unravels the mysteries of this centuries-old Himalayan belief.

Video is in FLV format and contains the commercial breaks as when it originally aired. If you need a video player which handles flash video format, you can use VLC or GOM Player. Both are freeware.

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  1. This is a pretty good video, and thanks for providing it! However, potential viewers, please remember that it is produced by Discovery channel, who would be unable to recognize a story unless it had an "angle," preferably a scandalous one. So, here you get the typical breathless yellow journalism, looking for a scandal where there probably isn't one. This is their "hook," and I would guess that it is at the least a distortion of the situation. However, they do provide a glimpse into a culture into which we have all-too few glimpses!