Friday, March 20, 2009

Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love

Zen Sex: The Way of Making Love
Zen philosophy teaches that everything from washing dishes to sitting at the computer offers an opportunity to experience the essence of life and attain true wisdom and enlightenment. Zen Sex shows how this philosophy applies no less in the bedroom that in the meditation hall. In the first book to bring together Zen and sex, readers are guided through 'The Seven Ways of the Mind', 'The Seven Ways of the Body', and 'The Seven Ways of the Spirit'. Zen stories and simple steps show both men and women how to create loving relationships, and easy-to-do practices will enable lovers to enhance their sexual and spiritual lives. Philip Roshio Sudo reminds our sex-obsessed age how love-making can become a means to experience the sacredness of life and one another, and how 'Zen Sex is the best sex you can possibly have'.



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