Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Voice From Tara - Kelsang Chukie Tethong

Voice From Tara - Kelsang Chukie Tethong

Considered the finest Tibetan folk singer of her generation, Chukie Tethong spent 11 years at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Dharmsala, India, learning songs and technique from elders who once sang freely in Tibet, before the Chinese invasion in 1959 - including the late, legendary singing master Lhutsa and Majlhama.

She formed the group Gang Chenpa with her sister Namgyal Lhamo and the itinerant singer Tobden Tyamtso, who they met during the filming of Seven Years In Tibet. Their music appears extensively in the film and that collaboration cemented a commitment to preserve the vitality of true Tibetan folk music - love songs, mountain songs, songs that people used to sing while working in the field or in their workshops...a song tradition that is vanishing from their exiled culture, and from the world.

On this solo album, Chukie's gentle voice relaxes, enveloping the listener with a Tara-like loving and endless kindness.


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