Friday, March 13, 2009

The Secret Swami - Sai Baba

The Secret Swami - Sai Baba

It has been estimated that Sri Satya Sai Baba, India's biggest spiritual leader, has up to 30 million devotees around the world. But increasing numbers of former followers are alleging he has sexually abused them or their families. This World investigates. Swamis, otherwise known as yogis or gurus, are the holy men of India, and part of ancient tradition. Sai Baba, 78, is based in Puttaparthi, near Bangalore in southern India. His distinctive 1960s orange robes and Afro hairstyle make him instantly recognisable. As the country's biggest "God-man" - a human being who declares himself divine - he professes to be the reincarnation of a Hindu God-man from the 19th Century.

Sai Baba not only commands huge regular audiences at the local ashram (religious retreat) - where he performs countless "miracles" - he also boasts followers from more than 165 countries world-wide. But as the This World team discovers as they travel from India to California, there are a number of former devotees who have turned away from his teachings, claiming he has ruined their lives. Alaya, a former follower who claims he was sexually abused by the swami, says in the programme: "I remember him saying, if you don't do what I say, your life will be filled with pain and suffering." In an intimate and powerful portrait, Alaya's family talks openly about how they feel they were betrayed. Back in India, there are serious questions to be asked of politicians, who seem to have continuously ignored the problem. Indeed, some would say, the correct position for these politicians appears to be at the feet of Sai Baba. He certainly has friends in high places, and throughout the scandal, his popularity has remained intact. Has this "God-man" been wrongly accused or does his status mean he is immune to criticism?




  1. hehe,
    apparently this documentary is more controversial than sai baba's controversy created by BBC..


    I did a little bit of investigation my self.... sai baba has done great works of compassion to mankind(irrespective of whether they believe him or not). he has built a completely free hospital that almost perform 7 heart and eye surgeries every day!!! by leading doctors from around the world who volunteer. and all and not a single cent is charged by his organization, no matter how much BBC accuses him, i think BBC it self as an organization has done ZERo amount of work out of compassion, how can such an TV organization ever find any logic in such highly compassionate people as sai baba.

    as a buddhist i learned a lot by studying his works, he works and lives his teaching rather than speak profusely round and round about nonsense unlike other Indian swamis.

    i once visited his ashram,just to be about 200 meters away from him, almost sent a field of energy where Ur mind almost loses its restlessness and profound peace fills you, some thing u must experience to find out.

    i am ashamed to say that the broadcasting company of my own country has come out with such a deceitful documentary. i am ashamed but not surprised, besides it a well known fact that BBC always says things against India ... lol

  2. I agree with you Trimsy...
    I myself have never gone to the ashram, but close friends have...
    They have seen nothing like what the bbc says that has happened, but have also said that certain ppl have been trying to frame him for a long time....
    It is sad to see that Beings like Baba, that do so much for those in need are the ones that get attacked; instead of so many polititians and "powerful people" around the globe that steal and lie just to make the best for their own pittiful egoistic selvs and "friends" that surround them....