Monday, March 9, 2009

On Buddhism - Nishitani Keiji

On Buddhism - Nishitani Keiji
"On Buddhism" is a compilation of a series of lectures by Keiji Nihitani (1900-1990) who was a major Buddhist scholar and a seminal representative of the Kyoto School of Japanese philosophy. These lectures were originally delivered in the 1970s. Now expertly translated by the joint efforts of Seisaku Yamamoto (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Kyoto University, Japan) and Robert E. Carter (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at Trent University, Canada), and enhanced with an informative introduction by Professor Carter and a foreword by Jan Van Bragt, "On Buddhism" is a work of impeccable and superbly accessible scholarship, making it a seminal, influential, and enthusiastically recommended contribution to personal, academic, and community library Buddhist Studies and Eastern Philosophy reference collections and supplemental reading lists." - reader's review.



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