Thursday, March 5, 2009

Zen Buddhism: In Search of Self

Zen Buddhism: In Search of Self
Filmed at Baek Hung Temple in Daegu, South Korea. Following a tradition dating back over a thousand years, two dozen Buddhist nuns gather for a ninety day period of meditation, fasting and contemplation deep in the mountains of South Korea. With the singular goal of attaining enlightenment, the nuns undertake a rigorous schedule of meditation, at one point sitting for seven days without sleep.

In this first ever documentary on the practice of Dong Ahn Geo, or Winter Zen retreat, you will witness not only the nuns' strict meditation practice, but their daily lives in which we see not only a deep spiritual discipline, but an almost childlike joy and simplicity.

Since the great monk and master Hyecheol built Baek Hung temple in the tenth century during the Silla dynasty (AD 57-935), the temple has been known for the most rigorous Cham Sun (Zen) practice. Forbidden until now, the camera captures the austere beauty of the Korea.



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