Monday, February 2, 2009

The AGHORA Trilogy - Robert E. Svoboda

The AGHORA Trilogy - Robert E. Svoboda

The Aghora books have been embraced world-wide for their frankness in broaching subjects generally avoided and their facility for making the "unseen" real. By story and living example the Aghori Vimalananda transports us into the true reality while stripping away the unreal. In the process of revealing essence behind substance, countless questions are answered for the spiritual aspirant.

AGHORA, At the Left Hand of God

A rare view into the life of a practicing Tantric master. We are taken into realms of consciousness seldom visited yet clearly explained. Astounding tales by Vimalananda and his master yogi friends (one of whom has lived for centuries) reveal truths with eye opening clarity. Aghora teaches that the world is not as it seems, that reality is obtained by embracing the world rather than renouncing it; that by totally giving oneself to the Great Mother can we break through into the Light.


AGHORA II: Kundalini

Kundalini: the Force of forces, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra, the sacred fire, chakras and consciousness. "We Aghoris believe in using fast, terrifying methods of sadhana because we ache to return to God immediately; we cannot bear being separated from Him. An Aghori meditates on burning corpses to force the consciousness beyond all limitations of the personality. Aghora sadhanas destroy everything down to the ground of consciousness and rebuild from the bottom up. Then there is nothing to fear, because the new personality is engineered to be totally surrendered to the Will of God."


AGHORA III: The Law of Karma

In this third volume of the Aghora trilogy, the Aghori Vimalananda uses the backdrop of the Bombay racetrack as a potent metaphor for the ultimate game of life, where destinies and fortunes are won or lost on the momentary edge of the finishing line. Weaving all the characters­ favorites and outsiders, jockeys and trainers, owners and 'rail-birds'­ into the field of karma, Vimalananda masterfully entwines the external reality of the racecourse with the subtle internal reality of creative spirituality.

Hidden within the form of every sliding moment are the infinite tracks of destiny and the profound and underlying philosophical truths they reveal. Emphasized is the intertwining of relationships (rnanubandhana - the bondage of karmic debt) which perpetuates itself until recognized. An enlightening window into the seemingly endless cycles of death, rebirth and the intertwinning of relationships which revolve around the universal laws of cause and effect. In depth and consummate.


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