Monday, February 16, 2009

Festivals Of The Himalayas - David Lewiston

This is an old and very rare recording made in 1975 and ripped off Vinyl. Those are the big round black floppy disks from the 1970's, for you younger folks. PS. I have a stack of 100mg Zip Disks to anyone who wants them!

Festivals Of The Himalayas - David Lewiston
David Lewiston's recordings are among the great testimonies in sound of our time. Anyone who hears them will be struck by the mysterious yearnings, the transcendental manifestations of joy, and the fragility and impermanence that unite wildly diverse cultures in our planet: ultimately, they give us a sense of how much and how little we humans are as a species. These records continue to inspire me as much as those by Stravinsky, Miles Davis and any of the other masters of the past century. They are a treasure: life as it is truly lived and dreamed.


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