Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Choosing A Fresh Alternative - Pema Chodron

Choosing A Fresh Alternative - Pema Chodron
6 talks on 9 CDs. Recorded live at Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY., May 2004. These talks are for those wishing to explore how we habitually get stuck and how we then unwillingly escalate the very dissatisfaction and pain we long to escape. We can choose to do the same old thing or we can choose the joy of a fresh alternative. Talk 1: Practice the Three Difficulties. Acknowledging that you're hooked; doing something different; and making this a way of life. Becoming enthusiastic about not sowing the seeds of suffering. Talk 2: Shenpa & the Pause. Emphasis on "acknowledging that you're hooked". The 8 worldly dharmas. Talk 3: Karmic Seeds. Sowing seeds in the basic ground of alaya. Burning up the seeds of resistance. Connecting with the immediacy of our experience. Talk 4: Loving-Kindness To Ourselves. Giving your full, direct attention to anything is the same as expressing loving-kindness. Gentleness. Access to the vast blue sky. Talk 5: Bringing Together Practice with the Teachings. (Very brief meditation). The different degrees of shenpa when were meditating. Working with hope and fear. Talk 6: Choosing a Fresh Alternative. "Do something different". Being curious.



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