Monday, February 16, 2009

Master Lu's Lift Up Series - Five Elements of Breathing

Master Lu's Lift Up Series - Five Elements of Breathing
Medical studies show that we only use one-sixth of our lung capacity. Professional athletes may use more, but not significantly. Most doctors believe that if we could use just one-third of our lung capacity, then we will not incur internal health problems. Using beyond one-third of our lungs is believed to REVERSE long-term internal health problems.

Developing The Five Elements Breathing Method

The Five Elements Breathing Method has five phases. The first phase invites the maximum amount of oxygen into your lungs. As we know, our two lungs branch out to thinner and thinner tubes until it reaches tiny air sacs called the alveoli. In most of us, the air only reaches a fraction of the alveoli, therefore only utilizing a fraction of them. By performing the first phase to cause a deeper breath and lower your diaphram, you are slowly activating more of these unused air sacs.

Once we get more oxygen to these air sacs, the second movement will help will direct the benefits toward your liver. How is this possible, you say? Well, it is believed that each major organ correlates to a limb or body part, and Master Lu has figured out the precise connections to create these movements. For example, people with weak kidneys likely have trouble walking. Or weak lungs typically results in physically weak upper body strength.

Master Lu's method uses precise movements to create an unheard of reverse stimulation. Which, the only one most are accustomed to is the cardio workout, by moving very fast to make the heart beat faster. But we often fail to remember that a faster beating heart needs more oxygen to supply the faster flow of blood. Master Lu's method is simply following the order of how the body actually works.



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