Sunday, February 1, 2009

ZeNotes - Shastro & Nadama

ZeNotes - Shastro & Nadama
ZeNotes is an exquisite musical dialogue between clarinet and piano, weaving through Eastern and Western styles and the ambient sounds of nature. Within this delicate tapestry of sound and silence, Shastro and Nadama combine their music with meditation, to create a profoundly relaxing experience - a soothing atmosphere for healing, meditation practice or relaxation..
This recording instantly brings one to a place of deep peace and centered relaxation. Shastro's lush clarinet melodies meld with Nadama's brilliant piano strokes to form an exquisite alchemy. Indeed, the two musicians seem to be in perfect syncronicity with each other, with Mother Nature and with the profound spiritual force that inspired this music. Nominee at the 2000 NAV Award for Best Meditation Album.


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