Friday, February 27, 2009

Buddhism:The EBook - Damien Keown, Charles S. Prebish

Buddhism:The EBook - Damien Keown
An invaluable new learning tool for introducing Buddhism. It surveys the entire tradition--giving welcome attention to contemporary developments--but it does so much more. It liberates students from the tedium of flipping pages and connects them immediately to carefully chosen riches from the net. Whether we're in the Ivy League or a community college, our students have been waiting for this eBook. Keown has taken a visionary step. Links, pictures, online resources, and price, this eBook shows us the future of academic publishing. There's no good reason for students to be forced to buy an expensive stack-of-paper textbook anymore when they can have all this, instead. Keown have taken a visionary step and we can take ourselves and our students along with them.

Extensively revised and updated, Buddhism–The eBook, Third Edition is a self contained textbook for an introductory course on Buddhism. Designed for undergraduate level study, it provides everything students and teachers could expect from a printed text and more.

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  1. As I have stated several times, material on this blog is not uploaded by me. I only report on links that are already present by conventional sources, ie google. In which case Google is also libel as it would be impossible to find said links with out their search engine. As to the original uploader I suspect that it would be a insider in the book publishing Industry. I shall however remove the link.